Minding your manners 

Excuse me, but could I trouble you to listen to my interview on The Next Chapter about how manners and etiquette have changed - or not changed - over the years? Listen to the segment here

The Kitch 

I'm back where I belong - in the caker kitchen. My new food column, "The Kitch," debuts in the new issue of Taddle Creek magazine. First recipe: Devilled Egg Casserole. You're drooling right now, aren't you? Check it out. 


The Summerworks artist line-up was just announced - and yours truly is among the names. That means I'll be debuting some new work at this year's festival in August. Visit the Summerworks Festival site for performance times and ticket info. 

New book

It's still a ways off, but I've got a new book coming out with HarperCollins in early 2020. I'll post more info about it in the coming months. 

Budgeting for the new year 

A new year can often mean tightening up your purse strings. I discuss three books on managing your budget, including how to make a three-course meal for only $2.50, on CBC Radio's The Next Chapter. Listen to the segment here

let's talk pretty

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but everyone could use a few tips. I talk beauty trends from the past to the present on CBC Radio's The Next Chapter. Listen to the segment here

Natural Order picked as aurora's One Book

My second novel, Natural Order, was selected as the 2017 One Book One Aurora title. You can read more about it here

How to Declutter your Home

Does your home look like a pigsty? I'm here to help you clean it up. I talk about the art of de-cluttering on CBC Radio's The Next Chapter. Listen to the segment here

My letter to George Michael

I wrote a letter to George Michael after his passing on Christmas Day. It was published on NOW Magazine's website. You can read it here.

What's the next Big trend book?

I was on CBC Radio's The Next Chapter talking about what I think will be the next big trends. Get out that macrame choker you've been hoarding since the seventies because it's about to get BIG. Listen to the full segment here.