Minding your manners 

Excuse me, but could I trouble you to listen to my interview on The Next Chapter about how manners and etiquette have changed - or not changed - over the years? Listen to the segment here

The Kitch 

I'm back where I belong - in the caker kitchen. My new food column, "The Kitch," debuts in the new issue of Taddle Creek magazine. First recipe: Devilled Egg Casserole. You're drooling right now, aren't you? Check it out. 


I debuted new work at the 2018 Summerworks Performance Festival. Box 4901 got some very nice reviews. More info.

New book

I've got a new book coming out with HarperCollins next fall.. I'll post more info about it in the coming months. 

Budgeting for the new year 

A new year can often mean tightening up your purse strings. I discuss three books on managing your budget, including how to make a three-course meal for only $2.50, on CBC Radio's The Next Chapter. Listen to the segment here