Holiday Baking Notes

Not sure what traditions you have around the holidays, but I like to send out packages of holiday baking to friends and relatives. Often, I include a note for that personalized touch. If you're thinking about doing the same, here are some suggested notes you can include in your packages that are sure to spread the holiday cheer.

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Sally Lunn

A few weeks ago, I posted the results of the first recipe I tried from my 1922 Sarnia church cookbook. The recipe was for Burnt Leather Cake, which, fortunately, had no leather. Although it had burnt stuff. This time around, I made something called Sally Lunn. Who’s Sally, you ask? 

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Don't Fall in Love With Your Book

I recently finished writing my novel. I suppose “finished” is a relative term. No doubt there will be rewrites in the weeks ahead. But for now, it’s just the two of us. I like to cuddle with my novel at night, laying gentle kisses across its pages and whispering, “You complete me.”

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But the truth is that I’ve become emotionally attached to my book.

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My Deliberate Mistake

One of the more challenging things about being a writer is that once you publish something, you can’t go back and correct it. So if you’re anything like me, you tend to stress over details, especially when you’re in the final stages of a manuscript. I start to question everything. Did I convey the setting accurately? Are my timelines right? What mistakes have I made in this book?

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Author Blog Hop

One of the best things about being a writer (besides the opium) is doing interviews. Most of the time, it’s me interviewing myself in the car on the way to No Frills, but it gives me the chance to work on my accents (my questions are usually asked by a stern German woman) and I get to answer all the questions that no one’s asked me yet, like, “Why are you so fucking brilliant?” and “Is it true they’re making Caker Cooking into a movie?”

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How I Stopped Smoking

I smoked for about 20 years or so. I spent most of my thirties trying to quit, but failed miserably. I’d manage to go for a month or two before some stressful situation presented itself (mostly manufactured by my own imagination) and the only thing that could help me through was smoking.

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Author Website Tips

Back in the olden days, writers used to write, sell their books and spend their money on opium. Times have changed and today’s modern writer has no time for opium, what with all that social media stuff to maintain. 

For some authors, the idea of creating a website can seem overwhelming. But it’s not that hard, provided you have a game plan in mind, give yourself plenty of time and have fun doing it. 

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Dad and the Doorbell

Doorbells are pretty straightforward. They ring. You answer the door. But what if no one is there? 

One Sunday, as my parents were walking home from a church luncheon, my father began talking gibberish. My mother, naturally, was alarmed. They went to the Emergency. A cat scan was performed and nothing was found. My father was told that he’d likely had a mini stroke. My mother believed the stroke had been caused by a hot dog.

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Death of a Salesman

There were many things I didn’t know at 23. In particular, that anytime you read the words “earn upwards of” in a job ad, you shouldn’t apply. Unless, of course, you’re poor. Which I was. And you’re a directionless university grad. Which I was. And you believe there’s a certain romance in the solitary life of a travelling salesman. Which, unfortunately, I did. 

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