Break in Case of Emergency, my new novel, will be published in the fall of 2019 by Harper Collins Canada. The book marks a bit of a departure for me as it’s my Young Adult debut. I suppose my first novel, Fruit, is sort of YA in that it centres around 13-year-old Peter Paddington, but, unlike this book, I didn’t write Fruit specifically for younger audiences.

Break in Case of Emergency tells the story of 15-year-old Toby Goodman. Life hasn’t been kind to Toby. Her mother committed suicide five years ago and her father abandoned her mother before Toby was born. When the book opens, Toby is living on a dairy farm with her grandparents and, unable to find any light in her world, she’s making plans to follow a similar route as her mother.

Those plans are suddenly interrupted when she’s told that her estranged father is returning home. And that he’s gay. Oh, and that he’s also a world-renowned female impersonator. 

I’m excited to share this book with younger readers and, hopefully, a few older ones as well.

Check back for the big cover reveal and more details in the months ahead.