DIY Coffee Sleeve

Recently, I was on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter, talking to host Shelagh Rogers about survival. Bears, earthquakes, the Costco parking lot – we covered a lot a ground.

Surviving public transportation is another hurdle that many of us face. Especially if we’re on a crowded bus or subway and carrying our morning coffee in hand. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve witnessed the carnage of a dropped coffee cup on the floor of a bus. There’s no worse way to start your day than with coffee-stained white pumps.

So I invented what I call the Coffee Survival Sleeve. It’s attractive, low-cost and a great way to express your inner artist. Just follow my simple instructions and you’ll be laughing your commute away. 

1) Steal – I mean, ask – if you can take a cardboard sleeve from a coffee shop.


2) Take some attractive fabric and glue it to the sleeve, trimming the excess.

3) Hot glue a line of Velcro buttons to your sleeve.

4) Steal – I mean, purchase – a glove and hot glue the opposing Velcro buttons along the glove.

5) Slip your sleeve on your coffee cup, then slip on your glove and voila! Not only will you never drop a coffee cup again but you’ll also be the most fashionable person on your bus route!

Don’t shy away from bedazzling your Coffee Survival Sleeve in whatever way you like. This is your time to say to the world, and your fellow commuters, “Hey! I’m a fricking Michael Angelo!”

Listen here to my full The Next Chapter interview.