Clothespin Wishing Wells

Recently, I was on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter, chatting with host Shelagh Rogers about entrepreneurship. I never considered myself as the entrepreneur type, but the discussion got me thinking. The only thing standing between me and millions of dollars is one good idea. So why not give it a shot?

I’m obviously a talented craftsperson – and who doesn’t love a good craft? But deciding on my million-dollar idea took some time. It was hard to decide which craft idea would be the clear winner, especially when your portfolio is as expansive as mine.


Apple head dolls? Sure, but they take too long to dry.


Cut-Up Cakes? Maybe, but they involve a lot of hand-eye coordination.


Fuck Cookies? My mom would never approve.

Then I thought, “What about clothespin wishing wells?”

I used to make them as gifts for my teachers. They were much more personal than a bottle of Baby Duck, although I’m sure most of my teachers would’ve appreciated the alcohol.


Best of all? Clothespin wishing wells are a synch to make – and dirt cheap. Alls you need are some baby food jars, glue, clothespins and maybe some paint. (Liquid Paper is fine.) A babbling brook helps, too, but those can be hard to come by.


A warning: If you don’t have a baby, you’ll have to eat the baby food to get the jar. This can be stressful, depending on your palate. I don’t recommend the chicken and broth variety. The custard one isn’t bad. And remember to thoroughly clean out the baby food jar, unless you want your wishing well to smell like a real one.

Clothespin wishing wells are ideal for people who don’t have the yard space for a real wishing well. Or can’t afford stones. They’re perfect for storing change, paper clips or bits of lint from your pockets. If you’re giving one as a gift, insert a sprig of baby’s breath for a touch of elegance. And what’s stopping you from adding a coffee creamer cup as a bucket? The possibilities are endless, friends.

You can listen to my radio interview here. In the meantime, I’m going to contact Dragon’s Den. I’m about to make Arlene Dickinson’s “wishes” come true!