Box 4901

When I was 22, I placed a personals ad in the newspaper. At the time, I was on the verge of  coming out and I was looking for love. Or adventure. Or maybe both. The two always go hand in hand.

I met a few people, but there were no love connections. There were 13 letters I never responded to for a variety of reasons. But I held onto the letters over the years. I keep weird bits and pieces of my life. (You should see my night table drawer.) But it’s the little, random things we hold onto that define us most. 

When I recently came across the letters in a cardboard box, I sat down to re-read them. They took me back to a stage in my life when it felt like everything was just beginning. I wondered if I could make a connection to these strangers, but also make a connection to myself. 

So I decided to respond to them, 26 years later. Not to the actual respondents. That would be weird. But I replied to their letters, if that makes sense.


Box 4901 makes its debut at the 2018 Summerworks Festival. It’s directed by the Rob Kempson, produced by Stacey Norton, and features a cast of 13 talented actors. And one not-so-talented actor. Me. But at least I’m playing myself.

I can’t quite believe this has all come together, but it has. Funny what’s possible when you pursue your ideas.

Show and ticket information can be found here.