Bazaar-o-Rama 2018 Week 1

Bazaar-o-Rama is back for another titillating edition! Every November, I scour church Christmas bazaars in search of the weird and wonderful and share all my treasures with you, dear reader. I’ll update this post every Monday throughout the month. Come along for a bazaar journey. Or is that “bizarre?”

Week 1

Maid of Honor No Nuts. I’d never heard of these, but turns out they’re those tarts with the coconut and raspberry jam. You know the ones I mean. I thought there was a garter around it, but it was just a piece of ribbon. When I was a kid, I caught the garter at my cousin’s wedding. My first instinct was to put it on. I suppose that comes as a surprise to no one. These were four dollars. 

Christmas Cads.jpeg

Christmas Party Invites. I’m going to use these as invites to my annual Caker Christmas party. This was 25 cents for a pack of eight cards. If only stamps were that cheap. LOL!

Petro Canada Wine Glasses. Nothing says “class” like serving your guests drinks in stemware purchased from a gas station to commemorate the 1988 Winter Olympics. These wine glasses are on the smallish side for my needs. Let’s just say I’ll be going back for numerous refills of my Sawmill Creek Autumn Blush. LOL! The entire set cost only one dollar!

Quick and Easy Cook Cards. These cards come with timeless recipes printed on them, like Pineapple Salad, Loganberry Mousse and something called “Syllabub.” Sounds like the name of a demon, if you ask me. I wouldn’t make it if you’re entertaining Catholics. 

“I’ll pass on demonic possession for dessert, Janet, but any chance you could top up my Nescafe?”

Canada Pin. Here’s a subtle – and elegant – way to show your patriotic pride. Just watch your nipple, folks. This was one dollar.

Literary Novel. Women are complicated creatures. This was one dollar.

Masking tape bag.jpeg

On another note, a lady at a bazaar gave me this bag. Look, I’m all for recycling but there comes a time when you just have to let a bag go. Am I right?

Come back next Monday, November 12 for another round-up of bazaar finds. See you then!