Bazaar-o-Rama 2018 Week 2

I’m back with another exciting round-up. What did I find this week at my church bazaar travels? Check out my loot!

Baking plate.jpeg

Christmas Treats Plate. This was three dollars and included what some refer to as “Chow Mein Noodles Chipit Crunchies,” but I call Painful Turds, I once featured them on my blog, Caker Cooking. Check out the recipe to learn how to make a painful turd of your own. 

Knit Slippers. I hate how dirty my socks get walking around the house. I could wash the floors but, with all this shopping, who has time? These knit slippers are a great way to avoid reality. Or, if you’re one of those clean types, spray the bottoms with Pledge and dance around the house. I recommend the Funky Chicken. These slippers were only three dollars!

And look. They’re so fashionable. I’m going to wear these to the No Frills and set the stock boys’ hearts a’flutter. LOL! 

Snow Globe. I have a soft spot for old-school snow globes, although this one needs a bit of TLC. Mainly, a refill. Unfortunately, there’s some black fluff mingled in with the snow, which makes it seem like Santa is being terrorized by demonic Sea Monkeys. If anyone know how to get rid of the black fluff, help a brother out.

Bead Cat. Here, kitty kitty! I had the rare opportunity to buy this little gem from the artist herself. She was only charging 75 cents but I gave her a dollar. It goes without saying that I’m a big supporter of the arts.

Cheerios Tree.jpeg

Cheerios Christmas Tree. I’ve seen a lot in my bazaar days, but I aren’t never seen a Christmas tree made out of Cheerios! Makes me want to put tiny presents made of Rice Chex underneath it. This was one dollar. 

Clothespin Reindeer.jpeg

Clothespin Reindeer. In case there were any doubts, there isn’t anything you can’t make with clothespins. Excuse me while I go build a new outdoor patio set. This was one dollar.

Mystery item. Hey Brian, what in the heck is this, you ask? Why, it’s for warshing yourself. Slip a bar of soap inside and get all lathered up in no time. For those of you who use soap, anyway. This was three dollars. Irish Spring not included.

Duraware Bowls. These bowls are in mint condition. I have some turquoise Melmac cereal bowls that I took from my uncle’s house when we cleaned it out. Unlike these ones, his bowls were pretty stained. (60 years of Raisin Bran will do that.) One pro tip I learned is that you can clean stained Melmac with Comet. Mind you, your Raisin Bran will taste slightly gritty. This set of four bowls was only two dollars!

That’s a wrap for this week. Come back for week three next Monday, November 19 for a new round up. In the meantime, check out Week 1 if you haven’t already