DIY Beauty Tips

Recently, I was on CBC Radio's The Next Chapter, chatting about beauty books with host, Shelagh Rogers. Reading beauty books got me thinking. I know quite a bit about beauty (obviously) and I'm pretty creative. So why not start my own beauty empire? But instead of telling people to buy things, I'm giving beauty DIY tips. After all, being beautiful doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. 

Neck Tightening
Flabby necks are fine – so long as you’re a turkey. Here’s a great way to tighten your skin without incurring the expense of plastic surgery. Simply take a bag clip or clothes pin, attach it to the back of your neck and voila! You’ll have the tight, smooth neck of a 20-year-old. The one drawback is that the clip is pretty noticeable, so I suggest you cover it with a scarf. Which, I guess, defeats the purpose of wearing a bag clip in the first place. Oh, well.

Bag Clip.jpg

Eyelash Extensions
Jealous of camels? Don’t be. Now you too can have thick, luxurious eyelashes. Purchase some paper twine at the dollar store. It comes in a package of three colours. If you’re elderly, I recommend you use the white. Cut 1 to 2 inch pieces, adhere them to a strip of scotch tape and then carefully apply them to your eyelids. Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while wearing your lashes. And avoid crying. 


Luscious Lips
There’s nothing more wasteful than tossing out the brine after you’re done eating a jar of pickled beets. But who says you have to? Here’s an all-natural way to keep your lips looking ruby red. Simply dab pickled beet brine on your lips with a Q-Tip to give them a rosy glow that will last for hours. The upside? Everyone will want to kiss you. The downside? You’ll taste like a pickle.

Beet Juice.jpg

And there you have it!. You can listen to my interview here. As my mentor Dame Barbara Cartland would say, "Stay gorgeous, darlings."