Reviewing Self-Help Books

Look, all of us can lose our spark at times. There you are in your curlers, a tub of No Name Neapolitan ice cream in your lap and a Golden Girls marathon on TV, wondering, “Why isn’t life turning out the way I want it to?”

Recently, I reviewed some self-help books for CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter. Each had a different spin on how you can equip yourself to deal with life’s hurdles.

The first book was called The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte. She says that instead of talking about your external goals, (in my case, wanting to fit back into my Jordache jeans), you should focus on your desired feelings. In other words, don’t pursue goals, but rather, desires. Following that logic, I desire to fit back into my Jordache jeans. You see how that changes things? 

My second book was called Selp Helf, and no, that’s not my typo. For once. The book is written by You Tube star of questionable singing talent, Miranda Sings. In spite of her horriphic speling, Miranda dishes out some sage life advice. For example, make-up is good because it tricks people into thinking you look different than you do. She also had a section on food, which includes a recipe on Ambrosia Salad. Cleary, Miranda is a caker. Thumbs up from yours truly.

The last book on the list was F*ck Feelings by psychiatrist Michael Bennett and his daughter, comedy writer Sarah Bennett. The basic premise is that there’s a lot of fucking shit in life that’s beyond your control so you might as well learn to fucking deal with it. There’s even an entire fucking chapter about how to deal with assholes. (I could’ve used a whole fucking book on that myself). The bottom line is while life isn’t fucking fair, that doesn’t mean you have to roll over and wave a fucking pity flag, either. 

Wherever life takes you, try not to be too hard on yourself. And remember: no one has it all figured out. 

You can listen to the interview here